Baby Block

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The Level Ledges "Baby Block" is one of the first of its kind. It features a perfect shape for throwing down some casual slappys or any grind you can think of. Its convenient size is perfect as a take-it-anywhere obstacle that nicely fits into your pocket. It's modeled after actual parking stops for a nice realistic touch. It is made from the "X2 Material." This material is slightly different from concrete, but has the same feel, yet extremely durable and smooth. Not only is the X2 extra tough, these little Baby Blocks are reinforced for added strength!

*Fingerboard in photos is not included with purchase.*

Orders come with L-Wax, Non-sliders and stickers!

Size Dimensions:
4in long x 1in wide x .75in tall


Image of Baby Block Image of Baby Block Image of Baby Block Image of Baby Block