Stone Rail

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Image of Stone Rail

The mad concrete scientist and welding wizard have been hard at work. Forging stone and metal into one radical rail, these mystical creators have unleashed the "Stone Rail."

The "Stone Rail" is the result of a collaboration between EMA Ramps and Level Ledges. Each rail is hand welded and hand casted with a premium concrete mixture. Both Level Ledges and EMA insignias have been incorporated into the rail design.

10" long x ~1.7" tall

Package Includes:
-1 Stone Rail
-Level Ledges stickers
-Rail putty (To keep your rail from moving during use)

*Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for the item to be completed and shipped.*

This item is made partially from concrete. Concrete may chip, crack, or become brittle over time. Take good care of your "Stone Rail" and avoid exerting large amounts of force on the rail. Do not twist or bend the metal feet or legs of the rail as it will cause damage to the rail. Keep the rails on a level surface.

*The fingerboard in the photos is not included with purchase


Image of Stone Rail Image of Stone Rail Image of Stone Rail