Blem Ledges

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Image of Blem Ledges

"Blemish Ledges" are Level Ledges that have imperfections in the concrete. These imperfections typically include multiple air bubbles and/or decreased strength of concrete from improper curing. Despite the imperfections, these ledges are sanded and painted to look as good as possible and are functional ledges. They do not meet the normal Level Ledges quality standard; so the prices of the ledges are lowered due to the blemishes and imperfections in the concrete. Buy purchasing a "Blem Ledge" you are acknowledging that you are buying a blemished/imperfect item with defects. Items are as shown.

All sales are final! There are no refunds or returns on these items.

Orders come with L-Wax, Non-sliders and stickers!

8in Long x 2in Wide x 1.75in Tall


Image of Blem Ledges Image of Blem Ledges Image of Blem Ledges Image of Blem Ledges